My free writing in English

Good, do not write in English, this entry is exceptional and entirely in English for my possible English readers understand or speak foreign English. First of all, here  in the left sidebar you can translate all entrances to the language you want. In this blog you will find reviews book  and sleeves, also things about publishing a book and stuff.


Read in Scribd;  Mi road to princess
"Mi road to princess” SYNOPSIS;
A sexy young model marrying a wealthy man, at first, until the man likes a bit, then discover that the job of a trophy wife is a bigger sacrifice than I expected
 (FREE) (Short Story) (for all public) (2012)

Read in Scribd; Diary of a lesbian teen
"Diary of a lesbian teenager" SYNOPSIS;
The chapters have closely the thoughts of a teenage girl who likes people of the same sex, yes, a lesbian, and display their doubts, their family relationship, you see their surroundings, as she thinks they see it, also spoke of great love of her life and current partner, their friends, to come out in certain environments, and his life. (June 2012) (FREE) (Short Story) (for all public) (2012)


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