Dear readers of English~~

Good, do not write in English, this entry is exceptional and entirely in English for my possible English readers understand or speak foreign English. First of all, here  in the left sidebar you can translate all entrances to the language you want. In this blog you will find reviews book  and sleeves, also things about publishing a book and stuff.
Well, just wanted to say thank you, thank you for reading my lecturs on line I translate for you to read, because I would like my deeds reach everywhere and the only way I have to do is translate for people who do not speak the same language I can read freely.Remember that you can translate the articles of my blog for more up to date, but also tell you that from time to time I'll post some input in English, few, but some, like this to tell you that you can read some of my works in English and Spanish, or in both languages​​. Luck!


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