Do not know if this is good for something: S

I endeavor to write in English, not very good indeed, but not if used for something or that still will not do it again, I have three brief writings translated into English and not translate any more for now, I think these three written today (especially anesthesia) are examples of how to write.  

do not think that in the literature to you to be someone famous, or not to be recognized at least be of some writing in multiple languages, once someone asked me "how to write in English I do "like" and write "as carefully, yet, to write in English, do it, there are translators and dictionaries to help in this task.

Anyway, I have three works in English so you can read whoever not translate over, is not that underestimate the language, I love the English is the most universal, but I think that from now on not translate anything, sorry.

hope you enjoy with what has been written.

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